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My Life,My Secrets, My Dreams, ME
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16th-Mar-2006 08:47 am - *Friends Only*
Friends Only

Content-me,my life,my daughter,my boyfriend,pictures,blinkies,bitching and ranting,secrets,thoughts and the typical journal stuff.WARNING-I cuss a lot!


1.18+ only, I'm out of high school and I don't want to read about it,sorry.
2.No new journals.
3.You MUST have some of the same interests as me.
4.You MUST comment on some of my journal entries.
5.You MUST update your journal.
6.You cannot TyP3 l0iK3 DiSSz. Please don't be stupid.
7.Add me first & then comment as soon as you do so.
8.Just because you comment doesn't mean I have to add you.
9.Don't try to start shit with me, this isn't the place for it.
10.Remember that I can stop you from reading my journal anytime that I feel like it.
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