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★ Brittney ★
24 April 1988

About Me

My name is Brittney. I'm 21 years old. I have a 2 year old daughter and her name is Kylie. She's my life,my world,my everything! I have no idea where I would be in life if God didn't bless me with her. My family is my rock. We are so close and I have never let anything come between us. I never will. I believe that sometimes in the end, your family is all you have. Some of my interests are listed below. I have 3 tattoos,which leaves my body with a total of 14 stars and a rainbow assortment of colors. I will continue to get tattoos. I have my nipples and cartilage pierced. My ear lobes are double pierced. I retired my tongue and belly button piercings. I also retired my eyebrow piercing but it won't close. I have lived in Ohio my whole life and I love it. My child's father is no longer in my life, aside from seeing our daughter every Saturday. In high school, I had tons of friends but due to a little thing called growing up too fast, I lost most of them. The friends I still have, I hold so close to my heart. If you will go out of your way for me, you better believe I'll do the same for you no questions asked. I'm anti-drama because I feel like it holds no spot in my life. I just live,respect,learn,love and keep an open mind. It's about the only way to live anymore.

My Daughter

Her name is Kylie Hope. I was due July 8th,2007. My whole pregnancy I had low fluid for an unknown reason. I went in for ultrasounds and non-stress tests twice a week. When I was 37 weeks I went to one of my appointments and my fluid had dropped too low. So at 6:51pm,Monday, June 18,2007,my life changed.I had a c-section. She was 6 pounds, 9 ounces and 18 1/4 inches long. Her lungs weren't developed fully so she went to Special Care for 7 days. I didn't get to hold her until the Thursday after I had her.She was in an oxygen hood. She came out of that and got a cannula and a feeding tube. She came off of all of that and I got to feed her my breast milk that I pumped and formula. The Friday after I had her,everything was normal. They kept her over the weekend to make sure she would be good to come home. I brought her home Monday June 25th 2007. She's been perfectly healthy ever since.

My daughter has changed me in so many ways. Being 18 when I got pregnant, I had no idea of what life was about. I was a party kid who obviously loved to party,eat and sleep. When I found out I was pregnant I was scared I would be an awful mom. I had her when I was 19. I have straightened up my act so much. I would give her the world if I had a way to do so. Her smile is enough to make the worst day become a perfect one. I have found that watching someone grow is the most interesting thing to do in the world. Now that I'm a mother I wouldn't change that for any amount of money. It's a very hard job but the most rewarding job ever. The love you have for your child is like none other.

My Boyfriend

I am currently committed to my boyfriend,Brad. I may be wrong but I have come to find that he may be the one for me. He's amazing and better than any man or boy I've ever met. We met online. He stole my heart before we ever met and after that it only got better. We are together all the time outside of work. He's my best friend and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.



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